Our Firm

EAW Wealth & Retirement Planning LLC is a full-service financial consulting firm dedicated to helping our clients build wealth and protect their hard-earned assets. Our firm is completely independent, so our loyalty belongs exclusively to our clients - not to a parent company.

Our independence enables us to establish working relationships with a number of industry-leading brokerage firms and insurance providers whose products we leverage to create customized client portfolios. We recommend only those products and services that can be tailored to suit our clients' unique needs.

How we conduct business is just as important as what we do. 

Our core values are the principles that guide us daily in helping our clients achieve their financial goals, desires and peace of mind.

Core Values:

  • Service and Quality: Act in the best interest of each client / investor; and deliver best-in-class investment advice and services.
  • Integrity: Uphold the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and confidentiality.
  • Stewardship: Treat our investors' money as if it were our own, balancing risk and reward.
  • Accountability: Take personal responsibility and deliver on commitments.
  • Citizenship: Be responsible citizens for the communities in which we service and live.


We endeavor to distinguish ourselves, as passionate stewards with the upmost integrity: Helping our clients achieve financial prosperity by understanding their desires, lifestyle, aspirations, and goals.


To help our clients invest both prudently as well as intelligently; with the intent, of achieving financial prosperity and peace.